Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

Whispers of Stone
As tensions build between Breland and Droaam, the party must recover a piece of the prophecy.

Two weeks have passed since the explosions in the Council’s Tower. Many of the council perished in the explosion. In response, House Dineith has brokered an agreement with King Boranel to supplement the guards of Sharn. Rule of the city is temporarily approaching the level of marshal law.

Mouzer contacted the party and provided Marhault with the means to safely travel to Thrakelorn in Droaam. Mouzer revealed that he is a neutral party in these proceedings, and that the group should expect a member of the house to accompany them on this journey.

Kedimos was unable to aid the group on their adventure due to the growing need for a mediator between the factions of factory workers. With House Cannith disorganized, Ked sees this as an opportunity to unite and form a unified front against the House.

Arzac also met with Rulkin, who has lost his position as the overseer of the Cog’s factories. Rulkin expressed his sadness, saying he simply wanted what was best for the house and that he would likely contact Arzac in the future, after he has made some progress in New Cyre.

The party then left for Droaam, spending four days traveling to Thrakelorn.

More to Come

Machines of Industry (part 3)
The thrilling conclusion

The party investigated the tip they recieved about the swords moving a package into the cogs. Their investigations lead them to the cannith factories, where the Swords of Liberty had planted an empowered clockwork bomb.

The battle was close but thanks to the cunning of Arzac and Captain Hobs the bomb was disarmed, with only seconds to spare. The party had won the day.

Two days later, the party was called to a meeting with the city council, to thank them for the service they had done for Sharn. Upon arrival in the council’s tower, the tower erupted into flames and the percussion of explosions shattered stone.

Machines of Industry (part 2)
A divided faction of workers, unifies as new threats emerge in the City of Towers

The session began with the players finding a safe haven for Dorn Hammerhand in House Thuranni. After Hobs secured a favor with an old contact Querion. Ensuring his safety, Dorn agreed to talk to the workers and agree to back Anvil.

The night came, and with it news of riots in Dura. The city guard, with the help of Dineith’s Blademark sealed the quarter off. Through clever observation and a little bribery, the group found themselves atop Grub’s Grob, the current location of the infamous Dreamlily dealer The Prince of Dreams. The prince agreed to help the group by talking to the Tyrant’s about Dorn’s imposters, after all he would be gaining new clients in the cogs.

The next day the players met with Rulkin d’Cannith and Anvil to discuss the matter of the strike. After much debate, Rulkin agreed to give many of the workers back their jobs at their old pay. At the end of the meeting, Sentinel Marshal Dauntivaugn addressed Arzak and Rulkin, informing them of a formal threat they have recieved from the Swords of Liberty. The Swords have acquired an Empowered Clockwork Bomb, a perfect synthesis of magic and technology which could level a tower in Sharn. The targets are The City Council’s chambers, House Cannith’s tower and Morgrave University. Dauntivaugn finished the conversation by addressing Arzac and giving him something of his fathers, a golden globe with arcane lines on its surface.

After the meeting, the players were summoned by the guard they had saved, who asked for their help getting to the bottom of the new threats. He expressed concern that the threats might be genuine, but the targets made no sense. The players followed the trail to Dragoneyes, where they discovered that a large crate had been moved to the cogs.

Machines of Industry
The bonds between soldiers runs deeper than Khyber...

Marhault met briefly with a contact in House Thuranni, a dragonmark heir by the name of Quin’lan d’Thuranni. Quin’lan offered Marhault a piece of the puzzle to his past in exchange for his help on an expedition into Drooam within the next few weeks. Hesitantly, he accepted.

Kedimos and the rest of the party met up with Anvil at The Sanguine, to discuss a bit more privately the effects of House Cannith’s costly decision to turn away the workers at their factories. It seems that the house is hiring refugees from the recent boarder dispute between Drooam and House Dineath. Paid only a small portion of what the job is actually worth, the workers of the factories have banded together to stage a mass strike against the house. The Cogs themselves are in relative disarray, and the economic powerhouse that sleeps beneath Sharn is held in limbo by the conflict. To make matters worse, the leader of the workers, Dorn Hammerhand has agreed to help a militant terrorist group known as The Swords of Liberty. Eager to help, the group agrees to see if they can speak to Rulkin d’Dineath and Dorn Hammerhand to find some sort of middle ground.

Walking Anvil home, the group was confronted by guardsman who wished to arrest Anvil. During the conversation, members of the Swords of Liberty confronted the guardsmen, slaying most of the guards on the spot and turning their weapons upon the group. After the conflict Anvil agreed to go with the guard, who promised to keep him in a cell at his station, claiming he would “loose the paperwork for the transfer”. The group also interrogated a surviving member of the Swords, whom Captain Hobs bravely followed after he leaped from the edge of a bridge in the city of towers.

The group then met with Rulkin, who after some convincing agreed to bargain with the factory workers, if only to save himself from the wrath of Merrix d’Cannith.

Later, the group met with Dorn at the Green Tides. Dorn agreed to meet with Rulkin if the players could offer him some sort of protection from the Swords. During the discussion, a double of Dorn took to the stage and incited a mob against the party. Escaping Dura by the skin of their teeth via skycoach the group now seeks to broker a peace between the two factions before the Swords attack the cogs in two days time.

The Kundarak Job (part 2)
The vault holds much more than everyone bargained for...

After passing through the dreaded “long hallway”, the party found themselves before their goal, Vault 13. As the party readied themselves for House Kundarak’s worst, D’uann began to crack the vault door. The goal was in sight!

And then it happened…

The vault door slid open to unveil a staircase made of glittering gold. The walls melted away, leaving only a breathtaking view of a faraway empty plain with a lone watchtower, somewhere near the homeland of Nim Narduwel.

The woman in white appeared, explaining that D’uann had trapped everyone in a dream and used their particular skills to beat the defenses of those who were aboard the red eye to Sharn.

D’uann offered everyone a choice, to turn in the dreaded Butcher of Karrnath and accept the power of her “mind seed” or to face her in combat. Aided by the woman in white (who calls herself Rhyeema) the group fought their way up the tower and made their final stand atop its windswept heights, they struck down D’uann and ended the shared dream.

Kinda like this...

Waking from the dream, the party was rewarded with a Sarlonian dagger and a note of thanks from Rhyeema.

The players arrived on the 13th of Olarune, at roughly seventh hour. They promptly sold the dagger after some haggling and Kedimos discovered news that an old friend of his needs his help with a matter involving the factories in the Cogs of Sharn…

The Kundarak Job
A mysterious woman plots the impossible and she needs your help.

It began with a note.

The adventurers met on that fog filled morning, third bell at the lightening rail station of Wroat on the 13th of Olarune. Each in kind directed to a lavish personal lightening rail carriage. Inside, they met D’uann Mycoth, a woman who seeks to liberate a personal diary from a General Terlin, the butcher of Karrnath. The only thing keeping her from completing her task lies Kundarak’s finest defenses.

After arriving in Sharn the adventurers set to the task of acquiring the missing links in D’uann’s plan. What followed was a rather interesting card game in a Dreamlily den with Captain Hobs and Nim Narduwel pitted against a former dragonmark heir, Lys Merrik. The other two worked to acquire a map of the vault, made ten years ago by a group of adventurers surveying the dungeon. The last task was to meet a contact to acquire the password that would allow them into the final checkpoint of House Kundarak’s vault.

During the footwork of the job, some mystifying events presented themselves in the form of writing on the wall “Don’t believe her”, a white clad woman saying “She is the enemy” and “the truth lies inside of the vault”.

After doing some background on their employer, they discovered she cannot possibly be who she claims. Despite this, all assemble on the 16th of Olarune, to brave Kundarak’s wards and guards in a quest for the truth.

The players managed to arrive in the “Long Hallway” without any problems. They chose to strike at a group of distracted guards, gambling and drinking on their shift. Something else heard the fighting and summoned reinforcements. With some luck, the players fled into Vault 13, leaving only a series of locked doors from their goal.


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