Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

The Kundarak Job

A mysterious woman plots the impossible and she needs your help.

It began with a note.

The adventurers met on that fog filled morning, third bell at the lightening rail station of Wroat on the 13th of Olarune. Each in kind directed to a lavish personal lightening rail carriage. Inside, they met D’uann Mycoth, a woman who seeks to liberate a personal diary from a General Terlin, the butcher of Karrnath. The only thing keeping her from completing her task lies Kundarak’s finest defenses.

After arriving in Sharn the adventurers set to the task of acquiring the missing links in D’uann’s plan. What followed was a rather interesting card game in a Dreamlily den with Captain Hobs and Nim Narduwel pitted against a former dragonmark heir, Lys Merrik. The other two worked to acquire a map of the vault, made ten years ago by a group of adventurers surveying the dungeon. The last task was to meet a contact to acquire the password that would allow them into the final checkpoint of House Kundarak’s vault.

During the footwork of the job, some mystifying events presented themselves in the form of writing on the wall “Don’t believe her”, a white clad woman saying “She is the enemy” and “the truth lies inside of the vault”.

After doing some background on their employer, they discovered she cannot possibly be who she claims. Despite this, all assemble on the 16th of Olarune, to brave Kundarak’s wards and guards in a quest for the truth.

The players managed to arrive in the “Long Hallway” without any problems. They chose to strike at a group of distracted guards, gambling and drinking on their shift. Something else heard the fighting and summoned reinforcements. With some luck, the players fled into Vault 13, leaving only a series of locked doors from their goal.


From the journal of Nim Narduwel
13th of Olarune

The plan is to collect information for the Kundarak job. Gotta meet with an alchemist in the slums while the other two try to get into a guild and get a map.
I saw a kinsman. He was acting as a lowly guide for some pompous ARISTOCRAT! I’m sure he would have been punished for his misspelling of the humans name, so I helped him out. Hopefully my efforts will pay off.

“Don’t Believe Her”
Dammit, first there was that drug house, then there was the cryptic words written on the wall. Those other two probably would have been better suited to this task.
~side note: better transportation would be good for Droaam’s ascension to power.
~side note: observation eye would be good for… well observing… have one that can replay what is sees or alerts one to trespassers.

We got back TO tna the Ink stains hotel aNd More ink stains
And found out that those 2 had done a job… better suited for me and Hobs. Hilarious…

The Kundarak Job

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