Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

The Kundarak Job (part 2)

The vault holds much more than everyone bargained for...

After passing through the dreaded “long hallway”, the party found themselves before their goal, Vault 13. As the party readied themselves for House Kundarak’s worst, D’uann began to crack the vault door. The goal was in sight!

And then it happened…

The vault door slid open to unveil a staircase made of glittering gold. The walls melted away, leaving only a breathtaking view of a faraway empty plain with a lone watchtower, somewhere near the homeland of Nim Narduwel.

The woman in white appeared, explaining that D’uann had trapped everyone in a dream and used their particular skills to beat the defenses of those who were aboard the red eye to Sharn.

D’uann offered everyone a choice, to turn in the dreaded Butcher of Karrnath and accept the power of her “mind seed” or to face her in combat. Aided by the woman in white (who calls herself Rhyeema) the group fought their way up the tower and made their final stand atop its windswept heights, they struck down D’uann and ended the shared dream.

Kinda like this...

Waking from the dream, the party was rewarded with a Sarlonian dagger and a note of thanks from Rhyeema.

The players arrived on the 13th of Olarune, at roughly seventh hour. They promptly sold the dagger after some haggling and Kedimos discovered news that an old friend of his needs his help with a matter involving the factories in the Cogs of Sharn…



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