House Rules

This is the list of all house rules for my game. They will be added to the list as they come up. All house rules are subject to being dropped from the game at my discretion.

Stunts – In order to better capture the feel of a swashbuckling battle, I want to encourage players to do things other than just attack using the powers on their sheet. While it is true, you can use stunts with powers, sometimes it is just more fun to work with the environment to create a memorable encounter. This is accomplished primarily through the use of stunts.

Stunts give one of the following bonuses:

+1 or +2 to Attack, defenses or a skill check – Common

A temporary shift in the initiative order, add an appropriate status effect to a foe – Uncommon

An extra action point, which must be spent that encounter, but cannot be spent after an action point has already been spent that turn – Rare

Examples of using a stunt can be found in numerous action sequences of movies. Want to get from point a to point b on the battlefield without several Opportunity Attacks? Try swinging from some nearby curtains or rope on a chandelier? Heck, why not swing off of it and then let it drop onto some unsuspecting foe! The fancier and more original the maneuver, the better the reward. Want to blind your opponent for a turn? Blow some sand into his eyes before you strike. Really the sky is the limit for stunts and I encourage the players to make use of them.

Expertise Feat – All characters have the appropriate expertise feat, pertaining to their class for free. This is because the feat is essentially in there to make up for a math error, and I do not want to penalize players for not taking what many agree is a “feat tax”

House Rules

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