It is the year 998 yk and Khorvaire has settled into a period of uneasy peace…

None can forget that day in Olarun. The day that the fires went out and blinding white light filled the sky, snuffing out the lives of millions. In an instant, a nation had disappeared along with hundreds of thousands, only to be replaced with a mist filled graveyard. The jewel of Galifar’s crown, Cyre is now nothing but a place for the dead and the horrors of the Mournland.

With the loss of Cyre and countless of their own, the four remaining nations immediately came to the bargaining table and forged a peace. But it was at a price, the price of millions of innocent lives. The lives of your own friends, family and loved ones were the means that the kings and queens of Khorvaire used to buy this peace. What the people of Khorvaire now call The Last War, was a conflict that was meant to end all wars and everyone paid the price.

But was the price worth the reward?

A new day is dawning across the face of Eberron, as old wounds begin to heal, the governments of the splintered nations are now hard at work. Some say the war is still being fought, simply that the battlefield has changed. The sword and shield has been exchanged for the cloak and dagger.

One thing is for certain, although none of the splintered nations have the resources to begin another war, tension still sits stiff in the air. Waiting to spill across the fields of the fallen and the valleys of the slain…

Now is a time for action! Welcome to Eberron!

Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

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