Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

Machines of Industry (part 2)

A divided faction of workers, unifies as new threats emerge in the City of Towers

The session began with the players finding a safe haven for Dorn Hammerhand in House Thuranni. After Hobs secured a favor with an old contact Querion. Ensuring his safety, Dorn agreed to talk to the workers and agree to back Anvil.

The night came, and with it news of riots in Dura. The city guard, with the help of Dineith’s Blademark sealed the quarter off. Through clever observation and a little bribery, the group found themselves atop Grub’s Grob, the current location of the infamous Dreamlily dealer The Prince of Dreams. The prince agreed to help the group by talking to the Tyrant’s about Dorn’s imposters, after all he would be gaining new clients in the cogs.

The next day the players met with Rulkin d’Cannith and Anvil to discuss the matter of the strike. After much debate, Rulkin agreed to give many of the workers back their jobs at their old pay. At the end of the meeting, Sentinel Marshal Dauntivaugn addressed Arzak and Rulkin, informing them of a formal threat they have recieved from the Swords of Liberty. The Swords have acquired an Empowered Clockwork Bomb, a perfect synthesis of magic and technology which could level a tower in Sharn. The targets are The City Council’s chambers, House Cannith’s tower and Morgrave University. Dauntivaugn finished the conversation by addressing Arzac and giving him something of his fathers, a golden globe with arcane lines on its surface.

After the meeting, the players were summoned by the guard they had saved, who asked for their help getting to the bottom of the new threats. He expressed concern that the threats might be genuine, but the targets made no sense. The players followed the trail to Dragoneyes, where they discovered that a large crate had been moved to the cogs.



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