Essentials "Random Items" and Item Rarity

Essentials is right around the corner and with essentials comes the revision to magic items. Magic items now fall into one of three categories. Commons, uncommon and rares. Eberron is a world where magic items are a little more common than a typical D&D settings (at least common magic items).

To represent this common magic items can be purchased, made or acquired from most vendors that sell magic items will be able to get the item from the merchant at listed price without too much delay.

Normally uncommon magic items cannot be purchased. In Eberron, they cannot normally be purchased from a vendor, but with a successful skill check one can track down someone to craft it or who has acquired one, this usually means it will be more expensive than listed in the books. Alternatively, the players can craft the item but it will require unique components.

Rare magic items are items players will receive on a one per tier basis. They are unique and cannot be bought. More details on rare magic items will be released as compendium comes around.

Items are sold on a 20% (Normal and Common items), 50% (uncommon) and 100% (rare) margin respectively.

All items currently in the game, with the exception of the items below are classified as Uncommon. The below items are now common magic items.

Black Iron Armor

Magic Armor

Sylvan Armor

Veteran’s Armor

Defensive Weapon

Magic Weapon

Vicious Weapon

Magic Orb

Magic Staff

Utility Staff

Defensive Staff

Magic Wand

Magic Tome

Magic Rod

Rod of Dark Reward

Rod of Hope Triumphant

Magic Holy Symbol

Symbol of the Holy Nimbus

Symbol of Vigor

Magic Totem

Autumn Harvest Totem

Pure Spirit Totem

Bracers of Might Striking

Bracelet of the Radiant Storm

Shield of the Barrier Sentinels

Shield of Deflection

Boots of Striding

Boots of Stealth

Boots of Surging Speed

Boots of Quickness

Parry Gauntlets

Gloves of Grace

Gloves of Agility

Diadem of Acuity

Goggles of Night

Helm of Battle

Circlet of Indomitability

Headband of Perception

Amulet of Protection

Elven Cloak

Safewing Amulet

Collar of Recovery

Belt of Vigor

Belt of Vim

Girdle of the Oxen

Belt of Blood

Potion of Healing

Potion of Life

Potion of Recovery

Potion of Vitality

Essentials "Random Items" and Item Rarity

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