Eberron - Shards of the Prophecy

Whispers of Stone

As tensions build between Breland and Droaam, the party must recover a piece of the prophecy.

Two weeks have passed since the explosions in the Council’s Tower. Many of the council perished in the explosion. In response, House Dineith has brokered an agreement with King Boranel to supplement the guards of Sharn. Rule of the city is temporarily approaching the level of marshal law.

Mouzer contacted the party and provided Marhault with the means to safely travel to Thrakelorn in Droaam. Mouzer revealed that he is a neutral party in these proceedings, and that the group should expect a member of the house to accompany them on this journey.

Kedimos was unable to aid the group on their adventure due to the growing need for a mediator between the factions of factory workers. With House Cannith disorganized, Ked sees this as an opportunity to unite and form a unified front against the House.

Arzac also met with Rulkin, who has lost his position as the overseer of the Cog’s factories. Rulkin expressed his sadness, saying he simply wanted what was best for the house and that he would likely contact Arzac in the future, after he has made some progress in New Cyre.

The party then left for Droaam, spending four days traveling to Thrakelorn.

More to Come



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